Handy tips for Document Scanning

The process of document scanning is not really that difficult. Anyone can do it, with the basic knowledge of how it works. Yet, there are many who end up making little mistakes during the scanning process, which ends up in compromising the entire quality of the scanned images. This is why, having some little tips handy helps to prevent making such mistakes and ensures that the documents you scan are of good quality, usable and compatible with the systems that will be opening them. So, given below are some such useful tips for proper scanning procedure.

Setting the right formats before scanning

Before you get down with the actual document scanning process, you need to set the right format types so that the scan comes out perfectly. First of all you need to decide whether the scanning will be done in portrait mode of landscape mode. Choosing the right mode is important for a reason. If you choose to scan a horizontal document on a vertical portrait mode, it might lose part of its structure. After you choose the right mode, it is time to choose if you want the scanning to be done in grey scale or color. If the document to be scanned is a black and white, written or typed document, then greyscale is the perfect choice, as it will lead to optimum uses of ink. On the other hand, for scanning pictures or images, color mode is usually the better option. Also choose the size of the scanned image. Making these settings are important for proper scanning process.

Actual scanning tips

There are many common mistakes done during the document scanning process. For scanning, the documents has to be put properly in the image scanner. There is a particular border in the scanning machine, within which the document needs to be placed. If placed outside, that part will not get scanned. Make sure the scanned is switched on, when you are placing the document on it. Press down the top of the scanner, but not too hard. Once the scanning is done, you will be able to preview it on your computer screen.

The finishing touches

Once the document scanning is done, major part of your work is complete. Now preview the image to check if the document has been scanned properly. If not, then delete it, and scan again.

In order to ensure that the scanned image is usable, you have to save it in the correct format. There are various formats like JPEG, TIFF, and PDF etc. You should know which format is compatible with your machine. So, once the preview is right, click save and pick the right format from the drop down menu.

Make a back-up

You have saved the scanned image on your computer. But, what if the files get deleted or corrupt at any point? This is why document scanning should be followed up with backing up the images. Keep a back up in an external drive, so that even if you lose the file in the computer, you still are safe. 



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